The Challenge Continues.

Did no work Thursday or Friday and only a bit of pecking about on Saturday. Today (Sunday) was a mixed day: wrote 1,928 words on the #FiMyDaNo project, and solved quite a bit of the problem created by my technical error but now need to do a major rewrite of Chapter 18. Will probably lose net word count in the process. On the other hand, fell considerably less like blendered shit than I did Friday and this morning.

Net wordcount today: 1,928
total wordcount on WIP: 63,948
total wordcount in #NaNoWriMo challenge since Nov 1: 19,948 on track to meet the 50K if the ms actually dresses out to 94K or more, otherwise, I’ll fall short of NaNoWriMo, but shall still meet FiMyDaNo.

Meanwhile, Bella seems to be getting along fine until we go to Growly Dog class where she becomes a hopeless PITA. And I still don’t know what to do for Thanksgiving dinner. Looks like the stove won’t arrive in time for the major cooking.


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