SEAWITCH Official Cover

It’s official! Look what I got today:

Seawitch US Cover

Seawitch US hardcover

(click for larger image)
Art by Chris McGrath and design by Ray Lundgren. Wonderful work as always. Currently on track to hit US shelves in hardcover August 7, 2012.


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6 Responses to SEAWITCH Official Cover

  1. Other deadlines notwithstanding, I’m perfectly happy to wait as long as it takes to get the book right. So while this might not spur you on to better your word count, it will hopefully add some safety net of comfort. I’m off to watch last weeks episode of Castle online before I watch this weeks on the tube…

  2. I’m not content to miss this deadline. If I do, the book may be delayed for up to a year.

  3. Rae says:

    Another really good cover Kat. It makes waiting a little tougher and a little easier to put up with all at the same time. How is that?


  4. Awesome cover! Makes August 2012 seem so far away.

  5. kddidit says:

    It does look good, but the background color is so close to the One Salt Sea one…

  6. I’m not worried that anyone will be offended or mistake my book for Seanan’s or vice versa. Colors do tend to go in trends, but there’s not much I can do about it. I still think it’s pretty nifty, regardless. (I shall now think of this as the “pink” book.)

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