Backward First, Then Forward (Sorta)

Today’s #FiMyDaNo / #NaNoWriMo numbers were disappointing in spite of the best efforts of the fabulous Hangout crew. I had to hack out a big chunk and then read through to find all the places that cut affected and make repairs, before I could go on to the new bits, so I’m not quite sure what I actually did in word count terms before all the stupid little distractions of the day and the dog and the boat and blah, blah just got to be too much and I quit. Yes, I gave up and quit for the day. Pathetic.

Beginning count: 51,726
Ending count: 52,546
Net gain: 820
Actual words generated when accounting for cuts: 1,000 to 1,300 (not sure about the total cut/replaced.)


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