Stumbling Toward Deadline….

Frustrated with my #FiMyDaNo progress today. Only managed 1,314 words today in spite of throwing myself at the damned thing most of the day. I did do more updates to the outline–about 300 words worth of bullet points because that’s how I make outlines. Still… I should be writing 2.5-3K a day or I won’t make it… and the story at 51,114 feels like it’s almost over, yet… it isn’t and can’t be. There’s at least another 25K in the outline and should be 40K at the very least. Where does this feeling of drawing to a close and too soon come from? It must be a false belief since I am making progress in the plot and character development, but… still I have the feeling my story is stumbling, stuttering, and crashing. I hope I’m wrong….

FiMyDaNo stats for today
Started with 49,724 words
Ended with 51,114 words
Total wordcount for the day: 1,314 (horrid)

Things accomplished in story: Talking otters, the soul of a lost ship identified, lab reports analyzed, heading out to interview ghosts….

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2 Responses to Stumbling Toward Deadline….

  1. talking otters? will there be a talking ferret next? perhaps an otter-ferret conversation? 😉

  2. Technically it only appears to be an otter….

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