Dogdini! (hou-doggi?)

All right, so… today, as on every Thursday for a while now, I went to hang out with my mom during her Chemo and then drive her home and do a couple of quick chores/yelling at people for her. Then I drove home just barely ahead of rush hour thinking “I’ll get home, walk the dog, give her food, eat and then we go to Growly Dog class…” All good. yeah?

When I got home, guess who met me at the door? Yup: Pupzilla! Who was supposed to be in her crate because of her predeliction for destroying things if left to her own devices. So my first thought is “What has she destroyed?”

OK, really my first thought is “What are you doing out here?” and then I thought “What have you destroyed?”

So I look around and the only thing I find is that the comforter on the bed is a bit mussed up. For the first time ever I’d left the aft cabin door pegged open to ventilate the area which has been getting some condensation due to the cold over night. I walk around a little more and notice that the bottom latch on the crate is still latched, although the upper one is not, and the Kong filled with peanut butter that the dog walker leaves with Bella when she goes is still inside. Then I find a note from Lisa, the dog walker (a lovely woman who runs Trained Monkey Pet Service and whom I highly recommend if you’re in the Seattle area and need your dog walked.)

The note reads, in part, “Bella was out of her crate when I arrived–FYI–I assume this wasn’t planned….”

Oh so very unplanned. And apparently she let herself out again once Lisa left. Luckily she hadn’t actually destroyed anything… This time.

From examining the crate, I’d guess Bella just shoved her weight against the door until the too-lightweight wire of the crate frame or door flexed enough for her to pop the latch and squeeze out. So I’m not sure what I’ll do about it tonight but I may end up going out to buy a super heavy-duty crate to replace this one since it’s really not safe to let her just roam around the boat unsupervised when I can’t be home with her.

Oh Pupzilla… now I shall have to call you Dog-dini, the Doggy Houdini! (Or is that Hound-dini?, Hou-doggy?….)

But at least I managed to get 1290 words done today, so I’m only falling behind my FiMyDaNo goals slowly….

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3 Responses to Dogdini! (hou-doggi?)

  1. Cyndy Otty says:

    They are not cheap, but Vari-Kennels are very sturdy, including the wire mesh doors and they close quite securely. I’ve bought both of mine from Drs. Foster and Smith and I believe they are still the cheapest place to order one (and they’ll ship it for free):

    Yara and Uschi will gladly share the title of Dog-dini with Bella. They find her skills quite on par with their abilities to get out of harnesses, de-tag their collars and open the front and back doors. They’ve never gotten out of their crates, though, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. Miss Bliss says:

    I’ve never seen a dog get out it’s crate but I did pet-sit a hamster that got out of it’s cage THREE times, the last time actually moving the top of the cage with THREE dictionaries on it. I then had to gaff tape the lid shut and swore that if it managed to get out of that I would let it stay free and buy the 7 year old friend a new hamster.

  3. Rae says:

    I vote for Houndini, hehehehehe.

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