My Own Personal Grey

Oh, Sleep… How I Miss Thee…


Bella wanted to go out at 0709 this morning. I really wanted to sleep in. Guess who won?

So we went out and when I returned, found that Mr. Kat was still at home, waiting on a doctor’s appointment for his hurt toe. So today was a bit broken up by doctor’s office visits–one for the dog (follow-up) and one for the hubby (ouchies).

And thus did I miss my goal of 3,000 words yet again.

Today’s FiMyDaNo stats:

Stated at 46,240 words on SEAWITCH
Ended at 48,434 words
total words added today: 2,194.

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharpened ferret, but still not hot enough to make my goal or 100,000 words (or complete manuscript) by the morning of December 1. I suppose I might make the complete story in under 100K–I have before–but it needed a lot of editing afterward. Well, no point in second-guessing just yet: at least I got a reasonable word count done at all.

Go me!