Oh, Sleep… How I Miss Thee…

Bella wanted to go out at 0709 this morning. I really wanted to sleep in. Guess who won?

So we went out and when I returned, found that Mr. Kat was still at home, waiting on a doctor’s appointment for his hurt toe. So today was a bit broken up by doctor’s office visits–one for the dog (follow-up) and one for the hubby (ouchies).

And thus did I miss my goal of 3,000 words yet again.

Today’s FiMyDaNo stats:

Stated at 46,240 words on SEAWITCH
Ended at 48,434 words
total words added today: 2,194.

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharpened ferret, but still not hot enough to make my goal or 100,000 words (or complete manuscript) by the morning of December 1. I suppose I might make the complete story in under 100K–I have before–but it needed a lot of editing afterward. Well, no point in second-guessing just yet: at least I got a reasonable word count done at all.

Go me!


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5 Responses to Oh, Sleep… How I Miss Thee…

  1. R. K. MacPherson says:

    To protect Mr. Kat’s toe, let’s get him some rollerblades and he can take dog duty (hee hee) for a day or two and you can just do the Arrakis thing and let the spice, er, words flow. 🙂

  2. Miss Bliss says:

    TOTALLY GO YOU!! That is a fine and respectable word count. Hope Mr. Kat’s toe feels better soon.

  3. Robin… you are f’ing evil.

    Alas, Mr. Kat has gout. Sad toe is sad.

  4. Miss Bliss says:

    OH NOOEESS…bummer on the gout.

  5. 2194 words is better than zero! Always better.

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