My day so far….

First a nice heron, fishing, this morning during the dog-walk:

heron fishing

Heron fishing at 7:30 am

(as always, click photos to see larger original)
(also 2 golf balls found on the shore below the high tide mark, but left those on the green for someone else to discover.)

Then a nice cup o’ joe at The Dish:

morning cup

one of the many cute mugs at The Dish diner in Seattle

Followed by x-rays and splints on my still-swollen fingers (it’s been 9 days since I fell and injured them):

finger splint

My right hand, still screwed up 9 days later

Just waiting on the doctor to tell me if it’s just a simple dislocation or if I broke something.

Let’s go back to the heron….


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  1. Miss Bliss says:

    Um did I miss the part where you told us you fell and hurt your fingers? Of course I expect that having your fingers injured would limit your ability to type…so I’ll just stop there and say I hope it all heals up quickly.

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