My Own Personal Grey



You’re familiar with the term "squee" aren’t you?

If not, then suffice to say it’s the vocal expression of that bubbling sensation of excitement, pleasure, and gratitude that comes forth as the sound of a happy teakettle (one that might even be dancing with glee.) That’s what I’m experiencing right now over a recent review of my Greywalker series by Paul Goat Allen at Barnes & Noble’s Explorations blog.

Now, I don’t want to sound disingenuous about this, because Paul’s been a fan of the series from the beginning, but there’s a big difference between "I like this" and "…arguably the best paranormal fantasy saga on the shelves right now." The latest book has had some very good reviews, but this is like getting a surprise birthday party and winning the lottery at the same time. 

I’m so very Squeeee! (Thank you Paul.)