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Today was cool: Boxes full of DOWNPOUR hardcovers and new LABYRINTH paperbacks arrived today!

Boxload of Downpour hardcover

Boxload of US Downpour hardcovers

Boxload of Labyrinth paperbacks

A box full of Labyrinth paperbacks

And I had my hair cut:

Haircut July 19 2011

Got my haircut July 19 2011

Yes, I know a few people will make noises about butchering my long hair (no Jim Butcher jokes here, please) or cry (yeah, some people do) but with the crazy schedule for my mom’s chemo therapy and my upcoming surgery for gall stones, plus walking the dog every day at 6:30 AM, the long hair is too hard to manage right now. I may let it grow back or I may not, but for now… this is it and I like it.


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7 Responses to Books and Snippage

  1. Rae says:

    Nice hair. Have you lost weight or does the new hair cut make your face look thinner?

  2. Miss Bliss says:

    I LOVE the new hair cut! I wore my hair long for ages upon ages. I’m not so good with it super short but shoulder length works pretty well for me. Again…I think the Downpour cover is really lovely.

  3. I have lost a little weight, but I think some of the effect is the hair, lighting, and angle.

  4. C.W. Cale says:

    I think your hair looks great. 🙂

  5. Louise says:

    Your hair looks great and the books look awesome. 😀 Looking forward to reading Downpour!!

  6. Tatjana says:

    Kat, you look great.
    Considering the challenges you’ve had recently, I’m thinking you are my personal hero! There’s a long history of women cutting their hair during difficult times. I like to think of it as a metaphorical way to lift a weight from one’s shoulders or get something off one’s mind.
    It’s powerful.
    Oh darn… did I go down that road again? Pffft. Sorry.
    Congratulations on Boxes of Goodness *and* for lightening your load. Cheers!

  7. Chris Richardson says:

    Looks good short. Very decent of you to cut your hair so you can walk canine the destroyer more easily. All the best to you, have Mr. Kat check in with us from time to time.


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