My Own Personal Grey

A Dog Takes Up Residence


It appears that I’ve adopted a dog. Well, and Mr. Kat too, because while I’m obviously Numero Uno, I’m going to need a little help.

Remember the dog that appears in Underground… the pit-bull mix which accidentally got named after a girl in a certain very well-known YA vampire romance series…? Ummm…. yeah, well, that’s what came to live with us. Technically, our dog is a Staffordshire terrier–you can tell by the smaller size and slightly less blocky head that she’s not really an American Pit Bull Terrier, but… it’s a technical hair-split, so…

Bella met us at the pound and decided we needed her. We were forced to agree. She’s somewhere between one and two years, a stray who was picked up off the streets. She has some scars on her head and legs–we think they are from the fence in a kennel.  But she was so good tempered with the other dogs in the pound, we doubt she got her scars from scrapping with other dogs. We did have a small issue with piddling–it appears she’s really not housebroken, so we will have to watch her a bit and get her trained, but she’s a total lover. She loves people, she likes other dogs, she loves treats…

and she adores me. She follows me around. She wants to know where I am. She is upset when I leave (to buy puppy pads and Nature’s Miracle).

We walked her for almost 2 hours after we got her comfortable in the boat, but… no “packages” were left–so we’ll plainly be taking another walk tonight. But she’s sooooo tired now:

Bella's "tired" face

And she is adorable. She already has a teddy to snuggle:

Bella and her bear have taken over Mr. Kat's chair

Apparently, we’re going to have to get a couch soon so our “American Short-nosed Couch Hound” will not have to steal Mr. Kat’s recliner.