My Own Personal Grey

Sometimes bad things just happen….


This morning, the fridge tried to gas us. Yes really. It’s been a bit weird in Katlandia recently:

  1. Due to economic factors, this year’s US contract was not as remunerative as the previous one (and I’m still waiting to get it.) This was completely expected and it’s still a decent contract–I can eat and pay my bills–which is quite nice for a full-time writer in the midlist. But it’s still less money not only for me, but for promotion, which means a lot less touring and conventions (I may have to cancel some of the events I’ve already agreed to.)
  2. I’ve been sick quite a bit this year and was recently told the problem may be gall stones, which means not only a change of and constant watching of my diet, but probably surgery. Not a big icky problem, but not a happy situation. Found this out Friday.
  3. Saturday we were slugs and lolled around (no, not like LOLcats) until 9 pm when we went out to hear our friend Gil and his band, Bad Habit, play at Jillian’s.

    Bad Habit gets the crowd jumping at Jillian's

    They mostly do covers from the 80s and I’m embarrassed to say I knew all the words to all but one of the songs. It was fun, but we had to go earlier than we’d have liked and I had to eschew nachos and drinks due to the tummy trouble.

  4. Sunday was my birthday. Mr. Kat kind of forgot… but we still had a good time seeing some cool dogs (whippets) and going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the Cinebarre.
  5. Meanwhile, my mother has developed some quite serious medical issues which will have a lot of impact on me and my schedule too (though certainly a lot more impact on hers) and might take a bite out of my wallet, as well. Still early days, so we don’t yet know, but I’m inclined to pull back and husband resources just in case…. Found this out Monday.
  6. Found out that my UK publisher has decided they just can’t justify buying the next three Greywalker novels yesterday. More information about this is up on my website.
  7. And this morning… the fridge decided to die very dramatically by venting ammonia* into the galley during the early ours of the am. Ah, there’s nothing like the stink of ammonia when you’re still groggy from bad sleep and bad dreams. And then trying to get a new marine fridge, clean up after the old one, move all the food to a working fridge and freezer, get fans and set them up without gagging on the fumes….

I worked at a Tully’s for the first four hours of my post-emergency-management day. I drank enough tea to float a small navy of paper ships and their pudgy little shore-bound captains, as well (because I feel if you’re using a business’s space, you should be paying some kind of “rent”, not just squatting and gobbling up their WiFi and electricity.)

I was going to run away to the home of my faithful Minions, but Mr. Kat called and needed some help with something else that had popped up, so we did that and then checked on the boat to see if 6 hours of fans blowing the fumes around had made things any more bearable. It had, so Mr. Kat started to disassemble the fridge, but… it’s not going out that way.

We’re going to need the help of a friend who is both brawny and has a truck.

And my office still smells like the aftermath of a thousand insect-bite sticks plus a hundred pounds of wet diapers.

I’d say this really sucks, but the bad-humored gods might notice and feel the need to further demonstrate why one should never say “how could this get any worse?”




* Old marine and RV fridges are often “tripower” units that use an ammonia pump to cool the heat exchanger on the propane cycle  when AC or DC electricity aren’t available.  Ours is about 30 years old and we were planning to replace the fridge anyway… just not so soon or under these conditions. Also, they’re spciealized, expensive little monsters, so you don’t just rush out and buy one at Sears.