Final Downpour Cover and Guest Blogging

My editor sent me a finalized version of the Downpour cover last week or so but I was a bit sick and had some trouble concentrating enough to remember to post it, but here it is:Downpour Final

And Marianne de Pierres, fabulous Australian SF writer, has a guest blog up by me about the creation of the walking tour. Marianne is very cool, so it’s worth a visit just to look around her site and read up on her terrific books.


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2 Responses to Final Downpour Cover and Guest Blogging

  1. Monica Rodriguez says:

    I just finished listening to/watching the walking tour. It was terrific. Even though I can’t actually go on the tour, it’ll be nice to have these images when I dive into the next Greywalker novel!

  2. Yeah it’s fun even if you can’t actually walk around.

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