Guest Blog: Let’s All Live on a Yellow Submarine!

Since I’m out of town at a writers retreat this weekend, the utterly fabulous Nicole Peeler is stepping in to guest blog for me here.

I am a huge fan of Nicole’s; both for her writing and for herself. Nicole’s Jane True books are a breath of fresh air in the Urban Fantasy jungle, full of the same kind of humor intelligence and subtle complexities that make Nicole herself such a joy to know. She also teaches English with the same infectious pleasure she brings to her all her other activities. She’s the kind of teacher we’d all love to have.

Without further ado, here’s Nicole:

I’m a huge fan of Kat’s, as a person and as a writer. She’s awesome on about 100 levels. And one of those levels has to be that . . .

SHE LIVES ON A BOAT?? How cool is that?

Thinking about Kat’s boat made me start thinking about other cool places to live. Such as this floating hobbit hole (or a houseboat for hobbits?):

(if you click on the image, you’ll see the rest of the article that has hella crazy houseboats)

Then there’s jungle living, at its finest. This tree house was inspired by Japenese lanterns. And how inspiring would it be to live in this bad boy?:

For those who want something that looks like it was inspired by Anime, we have this amazing house on stilts:

(clicking on the picture will take you an article with more pictures, including of the interior.)

And, finally, who doesn’t want to live the (Renn Faire) dream by living in an ersatz suburban fairy castle?:

I think any of these places would definitely help fire up the old brain cells. But which would you choose? Or do you have another dream house, entirely?

Nicole Peeler is a professor of English literature and creative writing at Seton Hill University, in Greensburg, PA. She also writes urban fantasy novels for Orbit Books. Her third novel, Tempest’s Legacy, just hit shelves in January.

For those American readers interested in Nicole’s fiction, Orbit Books is offering her first book, Tempest Rising, as this month’s Orbital Drop, downloadable on multiple platforms for only $2.99. Click here for more details.


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4 Responses to Guest Blog: Let’s All Live on a Yellow Submarine!

  1. Andrew says:

    Those are too sweet! That jungle house looks straight cozy. A shame I don’t have picture of a nice & unusual house that would be on MTV’s Cribs. Thanks for sharing, Nicole. And peace out, Kat.

  2. Eileen says:

    First time visitor to Kat’s site — and I love the “strange” houses! (Strange in quotes because, well, I live in a round house, so these aren’t as strange to me as they could be to others.)

    However, having said that — these are right up there! Thanks for the links so we could see the interiors, etc. Lots of fun!

  3. It’s such a neat post. I’m so glad Nicole let me have it!

  4. john says:

    Thank you for the photos. I love stilt homes.

    John Allen F

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