Young Writers Contest!

Hey there, if you are under 18 or know someone who is, this might interest you….

My friend Jon Jordan, the publisher and proprietor of Crimespree Magazine, is sponsoring a writing contest for young writers to highlight this year’s Bouchercon–that’s the worldwide Mystery books convention held in a different location every year. It’s really nifty and I look forward to going whenever I can (I’m going this year!)

Well this year Bouchercon is in St. Louis Missouri and to celebrate writing, St. Louis, and good food (because Jon is all about the delicious nommage) Jon and the magazine are going to give the winner of their contest $100, 2 complimentary passes to Bouchercon (a $350 value) and the winning story will be published in the Convention Program Book for everyone to read.

Bouchercon attracts a lot of big names from the mystery publishing world, both on the publishing and the writing sides of the profession, as well as literally thousands of hardcore mystery fans who love to find new writers to feed their addiction to Mysteries! Want to try? Here’s the set up:

The contest is open to all unpublished writers under the age of 18 at the time of submission and the stories submitted must:

  • Be less than 5000 words total
  • Take place in St. Louis
  • Contain a mention of Barbecue (because St. Louis is famous for delicious BBQ, y’know.)

Entries are due May 1, 2011. Stories will be pre-screened by the Crimespree editors to narrow submissions to five finalists. Those five final stories will be reviewed by a group of authors picked by Crimespree and one winner will be chosen. All submissions must be e-mailed to Jon (Jon [at] bouchercon2011 [dot] com) and include the words “short story contest” in the subject line. No snail mail entries will be accepted.

For more information, got to the Bouchercon site and check out the information on the contest there.

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