So after the success of yesterday, got up this morning to persistent rain–typical Seattle-in-February weather. But there’s more: a leak has developed over the foot of our bed. It’s right where the worst of the mildew was on the old mattress before we got rid of it. We haven’t had this problem since we moved aboard, so it’s not a consisten leak, but here it is. And it’s coming from the ceiling mounted radiant heater–which we call “the bun warmer” because it exactly resembles the sort of appliance used in restaurants to keep food warm in the service hatch.

We don’t know why it was installed: it’s a bad location in a low-ceilinged cabin and radiating heat from the ceiling is really a dumb idea. But there it is. And this electrical appliance is the conduit for water from the deck. I know it’s deck water because it’s slightly brown due to passing through the mahogony deck planks above.

It’s not a deluge or an insurmountable problem, but it is extremely annoying.

I’m really glad we disconnected the stupid thing when the rest of the electrical wiring was replaced. Now I’ll just have to figure out how to fix the leak.


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