Boat’s Away!

Well, after a lot of complications, paperwork, repairs, disappointments, thrills, insanity, and general boat-iness, the old sailboat is now not only sold, but moved to her new home. It took a lot of work on the parts of my husband and our friend who purchased the boat since we hadn’t done enough maintenance or cleaning before we sold her and she had some “issues” to overcome before she could go anywhere. Like a mysteriously overheating engine which took Mr. Kat and Our Friend the best part of two days to track down and fix.

But fix it they did and the sailboat is now officially at her new home berth after a seven-hour crossing from north Seattle to Sinclair Inlet. The boat is capable of more than the four knots she averaged on the trip, but after the disappointment of the steam-spitting engine last week, no one wanted to push it. We did have a short period of decent South wind while we were crossing to Bainbridge, but since we were negotiating an active (and boy was it) shipping lane, complete with container ship and a large ocean tug as well as several other sailboats bound for a regatta and running tack/jibe practices on the way, the decision was made to leave the sails down until Rich Passage where we would, again, be on a tidy beam reach–we hoped.

We had a perfect day weatherwise: after intermittent storms of rain and wind on Friday and Saturday complete with gale force wind and small craft advisories, our travel window on Sunday was sunny with 10 knot/hr wind to start and the Sound was smooth as a mill pond. Once we turned south to cut down to Rich Passage, we were heading into the steadily-dropping wind and there was no chance for sailing, but the engine did us proud and we dodged ferries with alacrity down to Restoration Point where we turned West to cut through Rich Passage. Dead calm air and some adverse current slowed us a bit and the two nautical miles of Rich Passage took as long as the four miles across the Sound from Shilshole Bay, but we popped out just before a ferry entered from Bremerton and made the last of the trip as the light was starting to go, tying the boat off in her new slip exactly seven hours after we left her Seattle berth.

It wasn’t an exciting sail in terms of cutting through waves on a close-hauled reach or overcoming trouble, but it was exciting for one particular: Our Friend was having a ball! I think, in spite of the work that still needs doing and a few other details of learning curve and old-boat weirdness, he’s pleased with his new boat home. And I think she’s pretty happy to have him, too. It’s a thrill to see someone you really like getting their hands on their dreams. Now we all have a touch of sunburn and sore feet and legs from standing to conn the boat all the way across the Sound, but it was totally worth it!

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    Yay! Wonderful news!

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