Rainforest Writers Village

I’m going to be attending and leading a couple of discussions/workshops at the Second Session of the Rainforest Writers Village retreat March 9-13 along with Mary Robinette Kowal, Susan Matthews, Jennifer Brozek, Erin Evans, and Erika Holt among others. There’s still some space available….


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4 Responses to Rainforest Writers Village

  1. Miss Bliss says:

    This looks so good. I wish I could go…do you do this regularly?

  2. This is my first year. But the event happens every year. This is the first time they’ve had enough demand to offer two sessions, though. It really is a nice retreat, lovely area, plenty of time to just work….

  3. Miss Bliss says:

    Well I hope you’ll tell us about it all afterwards. It looks like such a lovely location and the few times that I’ve been able to take a few days off to take myself away somewhere for dedicated writing the experience has been really awesome. Getting away from the TV, the phone and just all the normal life stuff really seems to help open a space in my head for the work to happen.

  4. raven26 says:

    Hey, I work with Erin! Looks like a sharp crew. I’ll be in deadline mode, however, and am unable to attend. /lament

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