New Boat Coming Soon!

Among other things, we’ve been thinking about getting a bigger boat. Notice I don’t say “a new boat” because we can’t afford a previously-unused vessel larger than a rowing dinghy. But while we were out this past weekend looking, we discovered a really nifty boat. It wasn’t what we thought we wanted, it was quite old (built in 1955), and made of wood all of which should have made us dismiss it, but something about the ad made us say “oh, what the heck; let’s go look.”

So we did and… we bought it. (It didn’t hurt that in spite of the negatives, the boat was in great shape and the bank that was holding it was motivated to get it off their books quickly–foreclosures of any kind are a pain in the butt.) So, with the paperwork mostly done, we’re now the owners of an old wooden motor yacht over 50′ long.

Bit Boat Bow

Oh... Hello. This is a BIG boat.

And it has many nifty period details:

Port Vents

Port vents look like fish or turtles

"Rocket" Cleat

"Rocket" cleats are definitely from the Science Fiction 50s.

Rope Detail

Even the mooring lines look a little retro when they are attached to chrome mooring hitches

Inside it is large enough to need a hallway in the aft.

Aft Hallway

The aft companionway leads to two cabins and a head.

The master cabin is very roomy:

Master Cabin

The master cabin has a radiant heater in the roof that warms the floor of the pilothouse.

There’s room for our junk! or for people… I guess. If we have to….

Guest Cabin

The Guest Cabin may not actually be for guests, considering how much junk we own...

The forepeak is narrow, but even with these in the way, it will probably make a nifty office.

forepeak bunks

The forepeak bunks are narrow, but they may become my desk.

There’s plenty of room for cooking, too.


The Galley is good-sized too.

And also plenty of room for lounging around.

main Salon looking forward

The Main salon looking forward to the galley and forepeak.

And a few other niceties, but that’s all you get for now.

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17 Responses to New Boat Coming Soon!

  1. Cyndy Otty says:


    Any estimate on how long ’til she’s officially yours?

  2. Old_Warhorse says:

    She is a real beauty! Congratulations and thank you for sharing pictures!

  3. We’ve paid for her, we’re just waiting on the official transfer which should be this Saturday.

  4. Kat Smith says:

    Wow, that’s such a fantastic buy! I hope it meets all your needs … and can keep you warm in colder months, hee hee!

  5. Cindy McCune says:

    That is one fine old girl….what’s her name?

  6. Angela Parson Myers says:

    Landlocked here, so don’t know much about boats, but this one looks really cool. Congratulations.

  7. Elaine says:

    Nifty indeed! Congratulations. Especially like the lounge.

  8. Anassa says:

    Ooh, lovely! She looks wonderful! Congrats on the purchase!

  9. Charlaine says:

    Kat, that’s wonderful! It looks great. When is the housewarming party?

  10. Nice, Kat! Congratulations! What are you going to do with all that room? LOL!

  11. Rae says:

    What are you going to call her?

  12. Vicki Ball says:

    “It wasn’t what we thought we wanted” **smile** famous last words! When you have time, take a look at the ‘Chasina Bay’ photos in my album!

  13. I’m not publishing the name online, just to reduce the static level, though I’m more than glad to talk about it in person.

    We think we’ll have the few systems issues and stuff taken care of in time to be on board for Christmas. That’s our hope.

    Maybe we can have a boatwarming party for new years….

  14. Sharon says:

    Congrats, but that wall paper in the office will have to go .

  15. Gil René says:

    Looks like a beauty…I’m jealous!

  16. We’ll have you over once we get the electrical stuff fixed….

  17. And yeah, that wall paper is even more awful in person….

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