More Kindle problems….

Apparently I am assigned as a Canadian customer in the Kindle store so I cannot get the US links–I can’t even see them. I cannot change this unless I own a Kindle, since the encoding is done on the device. Needless to say I don’t own a Kindle and I don’t intend to.

If anyone does have a viable US link for Labyrinth, please, please, please send it to me!


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4 Responses to More Kindle problems….

  1. Mark Teppo says:

    I can see US Kindle links from the web, and my Kindle app on the iOS says I’m US, but I’m not seeing it as being available in either place.

  2. after some poking about it looks like that’s actually the UK edition which is restricted to sale in the UK and Canada only. Thanks for checking for me, though, Mark. I DO appreciate it.

    I’m about ready to cry over this, but I have to finish Book The Last before I’m allowed to do that. (At this rate it may actually BE my last book….)

  3. tamika says:

    here is link i got on my kindle:

    i hope this helps; you’d think calling the amazon kindle technical service people through your publisher or amazon corporate would find the solution.

  4. Alas, that just takes me to the hardcover again. Phooey.

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