David Thompson

I’m crushed today to hear of the death of David Thompson, who, with his wife McKenna Jordan, owned and operated Murder by The Book in Houston TX as well as being the publisher of Busted Flush Press–which was recently sold to Tyrus Books.

David was a delight to know and had a true passion for books–actual physical books as the containers of marvelous adventure–especially in the Mystery and Thriller genres. I got to chat a bit with David while I was in Houston last month on tour and I’m really going to miss him.

McKenna has requested no tributes be sent to the bookstore right now, but if you are in Houston, take a moment to stop in and give the staff your support.


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  1. T. Hernandez says:

    I’m so sad to hear this. I have never been to the store but I’ve heard about it from friends who live in Houston. So sorry to hear of this loss.

  2. It’s a terrible loss to the community as a whole and to his family and friends in particular. David was something special.

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