Long Ago Post #5

OK, so I forgot August…. Sue me.

Here is one of my many strange bits of Ancient Webbery. Originally posted August 23, 2002:

Not Quite Road Kill

It’s still there….

For a month or more, I have been walking past the strangest object which is slowly, ever so slowly, disintegrating. Lying on the sidewalk, up against the side of Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel, it is a dark, misshapen mass, gritty with filth, dead leaves. It is curiously lumpy, longer than my closed fist, oddly shaped, but reminiscent of something… unpleasant. It has no discernable odor, though, so it may not be what it appears.

One night it moves out into the sidewalk and where the beam of the streetlight falls upon it, it is dark red. Grim and gory and begrimed. Yet, it attracts no insects and its decomposition is curiously slow. Do I touch it? No.

I inadvertantly kick it. It wobbles, but remains intact, dark, brooding and repulsive.

A few days later, the rain has revealed a streak of the flesh beneath, enabling me to indentify the nature of the corpse.

Dark red and gelatinous, it is a giant gummi bear. But it will not die, nor go away. The birds and insects avoid it. Evil (and filth) radiate from its gooey remains.

It is the zombie gummi bear. Indestructable in spite of being stepped upon, kicked, abused and left out in the heat and rain, I suspect it has plans for revenge….

Luckily, it moves very slowly.

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5 Responses to Long Ago Post #5

  1. Rae says:

    Now if that is not worthy of inclusion of a Harper story I don’t know what is! I can just see a chapter told from Chaos’ point of view of his battle with the evil Grey Gummi Bear. He comes out triumphant in the end but not without scars of battle and his very own experience with Harper’s ghostly other world.

    If you aren’t going to write it, can I?


  2. Umm… no I wasn’t planning on it….

  3. T. Hernandez says:

    That was quite funny. I was trying to figure out what it could be without jumping to the end to find -out…but alas…as is so often the case I simply had to read on. Fun little bit.

  4. I’m just mean that way.

  5. T. Hernandez says:

    HAHAHA! Mean, mean writer…making me read to the end to find out what happens!

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