Guess Who…?

Normally I eschew this sort of thing, but I adamantly refuse to believe I write like Dan Brown and apparently, I’m right!

I write like
Stephen King

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This makes me happy because I think King’s an amazing writer. Ironically, I don’t read King any more because I find his prose far too persuasive and I become too terrified to read on. With the exception of his YA novel Eyes of the Dragon and his short story “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut” which I loved with the outrageous passion of Pepe Le Pew (“aahhh… my petit… I loooove you! Ma little crescent roll!”) OK, and The Green Mile. Fabulouso! But I wish I’d skipped Dreamcatcher–puh-leeze, what a waste of film and ferrets–and everything in the Night Shift–someone hold on to me and tell me there is no boogey man… please….

I’ve probably missed many wonderful stories by Mr. King because I am too damned scared of him to pick up anything with his name on the cover. On the other hand, On Writing is subtly hilarious. Carry on, Mr. King. I’m proud to be in your shadow!


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4 Responses to Guess Who…?

  1. Chris Uyyek says:

    I love “On Writing”. It is hilarious, and a realistic look not only at the writing process, but creativity and the bell curve of talent it exposes.

    I’m also in agreement with his stories. I read a book of four of his novellas, that included “Apt Pupil” and it gave me the willies! You don’t want to admit to yourself that evil such as that lurks out there. I still don’t have the guts to pick up a collection that has “Carrie”, “Salem’s Lot”, and “The Shining” all in one hardback.

  2. The funny thing is his non-horror is equally good, but of course the market likes the scary stuff, so there’s less exposure for the non-scary.

  3. Cat says:

    I find this particular meme horrifically inaccurate. I in no way write like Dan Brown. (When I write… not nearly enough.) Of course, I’ve seen people test it with different bits of prose, and it usually can identify the author if you put the actual author’s words in.

    King… writes good stories, but I dislike the incredible detail he puts into descriptions of the background. Just a personal tweak I have about him.

  4. T. Hernandez says:

    I have the exact same issue with Sir King. My “Boo” factor is too delicate to tolerate his ability to be very, very scary. This is also true of his son. I also really enjoyed “On Writing” and all of his not scary stuff.

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