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Jane is HOT!


OMG and Squeee! it’s Jane True day!

I’m not usually all squealy fan grrl and you know I’m not a huge romance reader, but…

I love Nicole Peeler’s Jane True–her first book, Tempest Rising is one of the few paranormal romances I’ve ever loved enough to give a quote–and the second book in the series is out today! Tracking the Tempest continues the adventures of funny, food-loving, fainting-at-blood, half-selkie shopgirl Jane True. She’s the sort of paranormal heroine who’d rather eat or have tons of good sex than kick ass and save the world and she does it all (with the help of some magical friends including a sexy ne’re-do-well vampire and a dour barghest)!

Yes there are shoes and sex and lots of food, frivolity and fun, but there’s also some excellent writing, research, myth and the most delightful (and real) heroine who ever offered to trade in adventure for grilled cheese. Gotta love her. So go get the book! I have spoken!