Happy BruceDay!

Hey, it’s Bill Campbell’s birthday today! In honor of the the ARMY OF DARKNESS star’s natal celebrations, SciFi Wire has some printable Bruce Campbell’s Soup Company labels to festivize your canned goods with.

So in honor of the author of IF CHINS COULD KILL, chow down on some Cream O’ Darkness or Gumbo Ho-Tep (but you can probably skip the Burn Noodles.)


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3 Responses to Happy BruceDay!

  1. Wiredwizard says:

    =facepalm= I forgot it was his b-day! =(

    =goes to dig out Adventures of Brisco County Jr. dvds for a marathon=

  2. zabethmarsh says:

    I love Burn Notice and I never realized Bruce Campbell had anything to do with Evil Dead. Totally missed that! Thanks Kat!

  3. It was long ago… when he was thin. 😉

    “Good, bad… I’m the one with the gun.”

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