Underground Wallpaper!

It’s June First and that means, time for new Greywalker computer wallpaper! This month it’s the wallpaper for Underground!

You’ll need to scroll down a bit to find the right heading. but this one is extra cool to me, since this ‘paper represents a map and overlay “drawn” by Quinton to show the important locations in the story, superimposed over a map of pre-fire Seattle complete with original street names. The map is courtesy of and copyright of the Seattle Fire Department. A lot of people helped me to find it and clear the copyright information, including the librarians of the Seattle Collections and archives at the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library, some very kind women and the public relations coordinator at the Seattle Fire Department, and Galen Thomaier of the Last Resort Fire Depatment, which is also the Seattle Fire Department’s historical society and archive. Thanks to all of those folks for the materials and to Thea Maia for the art as well as Eric Maia for sizing and zipping the files. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to spread the joy around if you know any other Greywalker fans or even Seattle history fans.


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