Kat Goes Forth (and back and forth and back….)

So… after the Friday from Hell, things are much improved. Looks as if the bookmarks will be redone in time thanks to the fabulous Thing One and Thing Two agreeing to play bookmark shepherds while I’m out in the wilds of Researchlandia!

Meanwhile, I’ll have to spend a bit of Monday morning on the phone to New York to see if the puzzles can be replaced and then I need to do some other quick online work before….

Research in Person!

Greywalker #6 is set out on the Beautiful Olympic Peninsula and I’ve never been there, so I’m off and dragging the amazingly good-sported Cherie Priest along to tramp, poke, photograph, and ask a lot of questions about the area from Port Angeles to… well NOT Forks. But there may be some wetness involved because the Olympic National Park is home of the only temperate rain forest in the world: The Ho Rainforest. Also many hot springs, haunted lakes, criminal history, murderer, ghosts, Native legends, and one very nifty Historical Society which has been willing to dig up info and share with me.

Because it’s still getting dark bloody early–and the higher the elevation the earlier the sun sets–I’ve had to twist poor Cherie’s arm to leave tonight and we’ll be back Tuesday night. It’s a bit of a trek, but I’m looking forward to investigatin’ with one of the premier exploring peeps in all of Team Seattle. Luckily… I haz a slicker and boots, ‘cuz it’s kind of wet out there….

See you beasts on Tuesday night

And don’t forget: I’ll be talking to the Eugene Chapter of Willamette Writers on Thursday about Plotting and Pantsing!

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  1. andrew says:

    Hey, that’s no sweat. Do what what you gotta do, Kat.1 love.

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