Another Author to Tempt You With…..

It’s amazing the folks you meet online and find you’ve got more in common than you thought. In this case, Marianne de Pierres, SF author of the Parrish Plessis novels. It turns out Marianne likes my books and she’s got a new paranormal crime series coming out. Now, at the moment, the books are only available in Australia but I’m guessing we’ll see them in the US soon.

Writing as Marianne Delacourt the new series, features Tara Sharp, an unemployable rich-girl with the freakish talent of reading auras, which quickly lands her in trouble as she starts working for a lawyer with, as we say in the States, “mob connections.” Think an Australian Stephanie Plum, but less ditzy and driving a really nifty car. Go, go! Read!

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2 Responses to Another Author to Tempt You With…..

  1. Misa says:

    Sounds fun! I love the supernatural element of the character.

  2. Andrew says:

    Ditto. Thanks for pointing that one out.

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