Site Scavenger Hunt!

To kick off my new site, I’m having a contest: it’s a scavenger hunt!

I have a list of twelve questions for you at the Greywalker forum. All the answers to all the questions on the list are on my website somewhere, no need to look anywhere else. Send in the list with your answers using the Contact Form.

The first person to get all the answers correct gets to pick one of the following prizes:

1. A character named after you in Greywalker #6 (No guarantees about the character or what happens to them, or what sort of person/thing they are–this is purely at my discretion but you will be in the story. Legal paperwork will be required.)
2. A signed original print by the site artist, Thea Maia. (The specific print will be at Thea’s discretion,m but you can see some of her work at: Polyvore and at MaiaArts.)
3. First pick of 5 items from the Mondo Bookpile (may include signed books, ARCS, swag items, etc. from the list on the forum).

After the first prize winner, the next person with the answers, gets their choice of prizes, and so on. All the prizes will be given away one way or another. Lots of wonderful books have been donated by my fellow loons at the League of Reluctant Adults, others are from my personal stash. Everyone who enters and includes a mailing address with their entry will also get a new site-design bookmark.

Nifty, eh?


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