Complete MS Approcheth

I crossed the 100,000 word mark on the LABYRINTH manuscript today. Still two scenes and an epilogue outstanding, but I’m finally on the last leg.

Progress has been slowed by several things and that’s been frustrating when The Deadline is this Wednesday. I’ve been down with a 3 day headache–very unusual for them to last so long, but got water caught in my sinuses (nasal lavage is not always helpful). And some family things have been complicated and unpleasant.


The end is in sight. I will make the deadline. Characters will die, things will explode, and all will continue to be less-than-perfect with the world.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to get things in place for a party on December 12th in Seattle and I’m working on a contest or some such to provide a small number of fans with invites to same (no transport or hotel, just the party). I’ll probably get that done next week when I’m not killing myself to make a deadline. Really. I promise!


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  1. andrew says:


  2. Cyndy Otty says:

    Sort of off the topic, but I thought that title got scrapped?

  3. It was going to be but the editorial team fought for it and convinced the Publisher that it would work, so it was reinstated and all marketing is now locked on that title.

  4. Cat says:

    Woo new book. Yay party. Boom today? Boom tomorrow. Always Boom tomorrow.

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