My Own Personal Grey

Dazed, but Less Confused


I’m still kind of in a daze about the tour. Some of it was fantastic, some was so-so, and I’m still not sure how it all went.

But I’m home, rested, and back in the writing saddle. Have been granted a short extension of deadline and am doing 2K+ per day on the word count, so all is good there. Alas, the proposed (and we though approved) title for Greywalker #5 got the boot due to possible confusion with Kate Mosse’s historical novel, Labyrinth, so my editor and the publication crew are going back to the drawing board for a new title. This makes me sad, since Labyrinth was the title I preferred, but this is the way publishing gets at times and something will work out eventually. I have confidence in my editor and the publication team to come up with something that’s not only marketable, but good. They have not let me down yet.

Now I need some dinner, because today’s writing session scared the hoo-ha out of me and wore me out and now I’m shaking. I think that’s probably good, but it does feel a bit freaky. And when I can’t find a monster that works for me, I make one up, so I now have birthed a creeping thing of mist and shadow that spawns in graveyards and such….