Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Apparently I’m going to be on live radio tomorrow (Thursday Sept 10) in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Had a lovely time on a whirlwind tour date there last year, so have a warm fuzzy feeling for the place now.

Anyhow, Write On Radio host Steve McEllistrem of KFAI FM ( 90.3 and 106.7) will be interviewing me and my editor, Anne Sowards, live for the show on the topic of Urban Fantasy. I’ve been asked to start with a short reading so if you’ve never heard me read and you’re in the area, tune in! Also I believe the show will be podcast from the station’s website eventually, so even if you can’t tune in, you will have a chance later to catch the show.

Now I’m nervous….

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Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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7 Responses to Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul

  1. Pamela Sweet says:

    Yes! I’m hoping to tune in from work. I look forward to the show! (you’ll do marvelously, no worries)

  2. Elaine says:

    I enjoyed listening to you read and chat about your novels. Interesting how the readers that usually approach you at events are 30-40 yr old professional men. Intriguing, that. So, when you start appearing on TV?

  3. Pamela Sweet says:

    Great show today, Kat! As an aspiring writer, I enjoyed hearing you talk about your writing process and how you work with Anne Sowards. I have to say I marvel at how you’re able to tie all the specifics together in this series and have the story sing, let alone make sense!

    I hope there will be several more books in the series because Harper Blaine is a fascinating character and I’d love to know more about Carlos, Quinton…

  4. Cat says:

    It’s amazing how many guys actually do like reading the urban fantasy genre with tough female main characters. I think the perception that we don’t like these stories is a little off.

    Have to check out the archives for this radio station nao…

  5. I think it’s because there is a loud minority who say they don’t like to read female protagonists at all and that gets extended to the idea that all guys resist reading female leads or female writers. It’s weird trend, but without guys reading the books, it’s almost impossible to make a major bestseller list–unless you get so many of the women that the guys hide in fear. 😉

  6. Cat says:

    In which case, you’ve gotten on the Oprah book club list…

  7. *laugh* Well she is very influential, but I seem to recall she’s been pretty public about not reading “genre.”

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