Bad Timing Indeed

Alas, after a mostly good day of work and cool promo things and nice reviews and so on… I forgot that Mr. Kat is on call for the next 7 days. Which means a lot of being awakened at 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 a.m. (which is when the computer systems always get a little silly down at Ye Olde NOC) and things being interrupted by the clarion call of the pager (which sounds like either: “SOS” in morse on an old hand-key; or some kind of xylophone gone totally insane and having it off with a set of steel Venetian blinds in a Dumpster, depending on just how bad it is.)

Don’t plan on having sex or going to the movies when your significant other is on-call. Don’t bake bread either.

The pizza worked out OK, though.


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5 Responses to Bad Timing Indeed

  1. Tinker says:

    Well, I’m trying to catch up/keep up, so I picked up UNDERGROUND, on Monday in MMPB. Just finished it. Jeeze, busy, busy, busy. About the cover, the barrel and slide on the HK seems to be much longer than my own. In fact I would say the gun is rather awkward for the shortness of the barrel and compactness of the action. I think has has done a nice job on the cover otherwise, maybe he needs to see a photo of the HK P7? Never saw the deal with Albert coming…

    Reads a lot like Charles de Lint, with a harder edge, and across the border (Canada, not FAIRYLAND). So, the Ducati is in the next one, huh? (That’s why you destroyed the Rover?) Not exactly a winter vehicle for that area, is it? Sounds more fun though. I do hope its a Ducati MONSTER, it would be appropriate.

  2. I don’t believe Chris is using the correct gun with his model. I’ve sent him references, but he’s stuck with what he can get in terms of physical models. Probably just “generic Automatic pistol.” I count myself lucky he gets so much right–he’s terrific–so I’ve given up picking at the gun details (like trigger and muzzle discipline.)

    I shall say no more about the vehicles at this time–you’ll have to read the next book and see.

  3. And thanks: being compared to deLint is quite high praise.

  4. darchole says:

    I sympathize. My DH is on call 1 week out of the month doing about the same thing – keeping computer stuff running so the websites work for the companies his company does business with. (Can you tell I’m not a computer geek?) Although things don’t tend to go wrong all that often at his workplace – it’s still annoying as hell when a text message comes in at night. He tells me his ringtone is ‘cricket’. NO cricket, even giant mutant movie crickets sounds like that. And he sleeps hard enough he doesn’t usually wake up, so that means I have to wake up, and make sure he gets up.

  5. My hubby is a heavy sleeper… so he picked something obnoxious. Ahhh… the joy of pagers…. :p

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