Happy First Reading!

Had a very good first reading for Vanished tonight at University Book Store. Very delightful and was made fun of by Duane in best Duane style. It was like looking out at my living room full of friends–such a lovely feeling. Read “the funny bit” and it was well received. Think I did OK for a woman not know for her “funny.” Mark Henry says the delivery sold it. Oh Mark… how I love thee.

Got a great piece of fan art from Number One Minion, Thea Maia (“Thing One”), and had a lovely time with the piles of delightful friends and faces finally put to names on the internet. Dinner beforehand with Team Seattle was not spectacular, but decent, cheap, and conveniently located at Continental, up the street. Got to talk shop with some of my favorite folks before and after.

Throat is still a little scratchy from reading and chatting, but have tended it with toddies and will now try to do more writing before bed. Gosh, I’m tired….

But Happy! W00t!


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