Comic Con Day 4 and home….

Sorry for the long wait…

So Comic Con Saturday dawned and I had only a few things on my agenda: catch up with friends, sign books at Mysterious Galaxy’s booth, have lunch with my editor, and do a panel at Borders. Mostly I wandered around like a drooling idiot in between having drinks with various people and trying not to let my eyeballs roll out of my skull from staring at all the cool.

So first there was the matter of breakfast which was once again at the Broken Yolk, but this time just Beth and I went, since Tagh had a business phone conference he had to do. Yummy as usual.

Then I carried 50 puzzles and my other stuff down to the convention center and delivered them to the Penguin booth for a while so I could get some water and so on before the signing. I also wanted to grab a couple of T-shirts from SighCo for Synde, Mark, and my hubby. Then back to the booth in time to sign… oh… about 100 books. Penguin had donated 48 free copies of Greywalker and not only did I sign all of those, I signed several more of each title, plus all the Vanished hardcovers in stock. And gave away all but 6 of the puzzles. But the time I’d come back from lunch with Anne Sowards, there were only 3 puzzles left and those were quickly snapped up, too.

Had lunch with my amazing editor at a nice little Indian restaurant and talked about everything in the world about books and New York and… well, everything. Anne’s nifty.

Then back to the convention where I spotted a lot of insane stuff….

Like the folks at Fear…
1000 volts! or not...
Apparently this was some kind of game simulation: very creepy!

And found a procession of very nice steampunk folks. Here’s a couple who let me take their photo:
A couple of (steam) punks
The gentleman’s costume had an interesting detail at the back: his own steam/power generator! The core of his power!

There were a lot of steampunk things around near the Dark Horse booth….
 steam-guns? various weapons for taking down…
various trophies:
Steampunk-taken heads! Oh my!

And of course a lot of ladies in amazing costumes:
OUch! Wonder Woman has bad aim... Though I think this fellow may have had a little too close a brush with danger… where is her knee heading…?

and another fun couple: Green Lanterns!

And in the lobby, from my favorite perch over the stair, I spotted this boy and his droid: Amazing radio-controlled droid which ran around the lobby under its own power.

I lost track of Beth and Tagh and had to rush off to the hotel to clean up before the panel at Borders, just a few blocks up the street. But I made it with time enough to grab a slice of pizza and a soda at a little place around the corner, where I spotted this in the shop next door:
Skelt-o-whirl! This whirling collection of cobwebs and skeletons was apparently part of an advertisement for Pirates of the Gaslamp–an annual Halloween haunted house in the Gaslamp district. It looked pretty cool spinning around, but the photo without the flash was just a blur. There was also a creepy pirate zombie sort of fella in the next window but I couldn’t get a good photo of him.

So, then the panel! At which we were grilled on the difference between Epic and Urban Fantasy. Since most of the writers present were Urbanists, you’d have thought we’d have had it all over the Epic guy (Pat Rothfuss) but Seanan McGuire decided to weigh in and help him out and it was mostly through the cleverness of Amber Benson and the snark delivered by the rest of us that we even managed to come out even with the academics. Thomas Sniegoski was at the opposite end of the table with Amber and I was in the middle, happily between Jeanne Stein–who is always wonderful–and Rob Thurman–who I’d never met but was thrilled with.

I think I was Chief Snark with Tom as Balloon-burster, Amber as Re-Director, and poor Rob and Jeanne got run over by the shenanigans of the rest of us, alas… I hope they forgive us.

Well, Rob and Jeanne must have thought it was OK, since they asked me to come out for drinks with them and some friends afterward, but we lost Jeanne to the horror of an early flight back to Denver and we were forced to carry on and go drinking at an Irish Pub by ourselves.

Our two male companions were dubbed delightful and silly and we gave them horrid nick names which I shall not reveal here. They got into the drinking quickly… John's glass is all empty! the few, the proud... the blind drunk though we were not letting them get far ahead.

Rob Thruman (who is a girl, yes) the fabulous Rob! says I am the champion drinker of the party because I somehow managed to consume one Blue Moon beer, 3 or 4 neat whiskies, and a pear cider and not to toss them back up or come down with a headache or hangover, but I think I must have done something unmentionable to a god while I was drinking, because I don’t have any idea how I managed that. (Actually I think she said something about Monkey-fightin snakes on a monkey-fightin plane, but I can’t be sure….)

And she definitely has the better devil-tongue: Devil tongue!

Rob is cool. And so were our compatriots in drinkage.

Somehow I made it back to the hotel and into bed, then out of bed in time to discover… I’d lost my business cards and my sister’s car wouldn’t start. We had to call AAA and then replace her battery but we still managed to get to the airport in time, and stop for a breakfast of… lasagna and ravioli on the way. Don’t ask…

Later the cards were discovered in the manager’s office at Borders and Beth picked them up for me, so all was well.

And I returned home with a cold, no voice, and a lot of very happy memories.


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