Update for August 1

In spite of my lack of voice and constant cough, PNWA went really well; the conference crew were great, I met a couple of amazing people, and Team Seattle was fantastic–they made me look so good and all I did was stand around and point at them a lot.


SinceVanished officially launches on Tuesday and Underground is coming out in mass market, I’ll be reading (assuming my voice is back in shape, and if not I’ll be whispering a la Mark Henry) and signing at the University Bookstore in Seattle at 7 p.m. this Tuesday, August 4. Then more signing at Seattle Mystery Bookshop in Pioneer Square on Saturday, August 8 at Noon. For more info on my appearance schedule, check my Appearances page.

Hope to see you!


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3 Responses to Update for August 1

  1. Sandy says:

    I wish I could be there! oh, waah!! Thinking of you and hoping your voice stands up to it. Congratulations again, again, again, again, well you get the drift….

  2. Cat says:

    And this, among other things, makes me want to think about starting over in the pacific northwest, either Portland or Seattle. It’s a long drive from here in northwest Florida.=(
    Also… Vanished on Tuesday? I bought it yesterday at a Books-a-Million! (Local bookstores here are not quite what you’re used to, I’m afraid.)

  3. Cool! Technically Tuesday is the official release date, but it’s “soft” which means stores can put it out whenever they get it, if they want to.

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