Comic Con Day 1

So… I flew off on Wednesday morning to San Diego for Comic Con International. It was my first time and I had a lot of fun. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was on the same plane with Caitlin Kittredge. But she had upgraded to First Class, so we only got to hang out until the flight was boarding. Probably a good thing, since the back of the plane was packed as tight as a corset on a fat lady and even slender Caitlin would have had a hard time finding a place to stand and chat with me, despite my aisle seat.

In spite of my mother’s psychic-prompted warnings, the flight was uneventful. I worked and got 1,000 words done during the flight and no one spilled anything on me, nor did any parts of the plane or stewardesses come off. There was nothing that would have made an episode of Fringe. Quite dull all the way to the hotel and up the stairs to my incredibly comfortable room. Kimpton Hotel Solamar rocks! (except for the strange lamp that liked to turn itself on and an alarming lack of of ventilation fan in the bathroom that made the whole room rather humid after a shower.) But otherwise, it was a delightful room which allowed us to spy on the folks from SyFy and their party on Saturday (more about that later.)

So, after a quick bag-drop and freshen, I strolled the 3+ blocks to the Convention Center and stood in line for my Pro badge. Texted with Jackie Kessler and friends about progress and they beat me through the line, even though Jackie was actually behind me somewhere. The computer at my station decided it didn’t like me and wasn’t going to cooperate with coughing up my badge. It talked the printer into joining the strike and it took about 20 minutes after I arrived at the table to get the badge into my hot little hand. Boo, evil computer devices!

But eventually I had my stuff–including a guest badge for my sister’s boyfriend–and found Jackie and her friends outside. The friends proved to be Diana Rowland and Sean Speakman with whom I became ridiculously fast friends at once–they are both delightful people and I was tickled to get to know them. (Caitlin was opting for a quick nap and picked up her badge a little later–probably smart of her as we were standing in the heat while she was napping through it.) You can also take a peek at Jackie’s photos on FaceBook for more Comic Con goodness.

We four went off to discover some food and drink while planning our campaign. I discovered I didn’t have a proper schedule for some reason and couldn’t plan my schedule until Sean gave me his copy. *beam* Needless to say, my best laid plan actually came to naught in the end and I didn’t make it to a single panel, but I was trying…

After foodery, I thought I might go stand in another line to get my sister’s badge. Which I did and it took about half the time getting my own had, even though there were about eight times as many people in line. It was really full, but we got our stuff, our bags and we’re out on the floor in about fifteen minutes. Great work, registration staff!

So, with swag bag and badges in hand, I began to reconnoiter. Even early on, standing at the head of the stairs, things were pretty strange already. A mere taste of what was to come…

Look below the cut for photos from Kat’s First Day at Comic Con.
This was the very first costume I spotted (make that the first and second):
HIs 'N' Hers Costumes Not anything too strange yet…

The upstairs loft near the elevator turned out to be an ideal people-watching spot and I captured this woman with what I suspect is just her ordinary hair:
Wild hair!

Then this came along… Anybody move and the brat gets it! (I must say, he’s not going to shoot that child, it just looks that way): Unsafe gun handling....

Even the stairs were full of fun sights. I imagine it’s hard to walk down them in a radiation suit, especially when your friend in the kilt is not helping: Radiation kills, but the suit may get you first

But not as hard as getting into the elevator on stilts: My what long legs you have! A little help is appreciated.

After this, I roamed the halls a bit, then headed back to my hotel for a rest before my sister and her boyfriend were due to arrive about 10.

Unfortunately, traffic at Escondido had other plans and they didn’t arrive until 1 a.m. This was not pleasing, since I was staying up to help them with the luggage and so on and I had a panel in 10 hours before which I hoped to see a few things, including breakfast. But that’s for the next post….


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