Comics Ho! (and other nifty stuff)

Just packing to run off to Comic Con in San Diego tomorrow. If any of you are in the SD area this weekend, I hope you’ll be able to drop in and say hi.  Even if you can’t do the convention (they are sold out–I know), I’m going to be doing something at Borders in the Gaslamp district Saturday at 8 p.m.

Originally they said it was just a signing, but it seems that it’s become a live installment of Babel Clash, so a whole bunch of us crazy writer types will be yammering up a storm, including Patrick Rothfuss, Rob Thurman, Thomas Sniegoski, Amber Benson, Seanan McGuire, Jeanne Stein, and me. I think there’s going to be some coverage at the Borders SF/Babel Clash blog after/during the event so even if you can’t come, you can check out the crazy.

Aside from that, I’m also on a panel about Crime: Usual and Unusual on Thursday, 12:30-1:30, then signing in the Autograph Area afterward.  Friday is par-tay day with dinner with the Penguin publicists and a couple of the coolest writers afoot: Marjorie Liu, Seanan McGuire, and me (yes, I am cool, when you don’t notice the pudge and the gray hair). Then off to party the night away, then signing, signing, signing on Saturday, first at the Penguin booth (#11-17) from 11 to noon and then the Babel Clash Live gig.

In between, I hope to hang out a bit with my sister and the fabulous Caitlin Kittredge, Jackie Kessler, Pat Rothfuss, Victor Gischler, and maybe I can finally meet some of my favorite comics writers (I hear Ed Brubaker will be there and so will Warren Ellis! W00t!)

I’ll try to be a good little hermit and take photos, but… you know how bad I am about that…

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3 Responses to Comics Ho! (and other nifty stuff)

  1. Elaine says:

    You are my gray-haired hero. I wish I could still party the night away. Have at it!

  2. Pamela says:

    Hello, Kat! I just love your work and thought I should probably stop lurking and tell you so. 🙂

    Have a wonderful time at Comic Con (would love to hear if you meet Warren Ellis!)! I’ll definitely be checking out the Babel Clash blog.

  3. Tinker says:

    Hey, just bought (and read) Greywalker and Poltergeist. Not my usual choice of reading matter. (John Scalzi is the [living] author that most defines my reading material). But any heroine that shoots an HK P7, is a heroine of mine as well. How did you settle on the HK, If I may ask? Was it pure merciless logic? Or pure emotional fandom?

    I see from the author’s biography, that you are a motorcyclist, too, as am I. (35 years, at last count. When it gets that far along you DO have to count.) Cool. Will you write your motorcycle into a story soon, or must we imagine what would get Harper on two wheels? (Maybe an Aermachi 1960 Chimera 250? As odd as a Rover truck, here in the States.)

    You can officially count me as a fan. I know, I know, its so unexpected, so prestigious!

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