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The Week that Was: July 16-18 (in pictures)


A quick photo array of Things That Got Seen/Done recently.

Thursday last, Team Seattle lent support to Lisa Mantchev at her reading. But we couldn’t hold a candle to the Bellingham Crew who came in costume as Nate the Pirate, Bertie–the female protagonist of Lisa’s book, EYES LIKE STARS–and the decorous Peaseblossom:

Before the reading, I had to run some errands and caught this lovely fog, creeping away from my marina… but not from the cliffs at Magnolia Bluff.

Then I went out with Mark Henry, Richelle Mead, and Synde to do some writing, and see some sights. We paused to visit the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark’s and saw this amazing organ, which looks quite a bit like an arrow…
pointing down to the font…

In which I discover that Mark Henry is not really a vampire, but only when near the exit.

The next day, Team Seattle drove to Portland as the first leg to the mass signing at Escape Fiction in Salem. Needless to say… we went drinking after escaping our own selves from the horrendous traffic and the attack of an exploding truck tire that quite nearly got us. But Caitlin and the Mighty Impala saved the day and we were able to continue, in spite of 90+ heat on the road.

In the evening coolth outside Vault Martini Bar, Cherie and Caitlin make plans for the next day:

Richelle is always elegant, and never more so than with a delicious chocolate martini:

Cherie is contemplative after a long night of people watching:

During the night, a poltergeist made off with Caitlin’s keys, which necessitated a bit of frantic rearrangement to get most of us to Salem in time for the signing, while Caitlin fought with the Black Beasts of Key Snatchery and joined us only a little bit later–which is testament to Caitlin’s skills of key-snatching-poltergeist-eradication. Cheesecake and raffles were had and the owner and crew of Escape Fiction took Devon Monk and the rest of us out for a drink afterward (Maria, the owner, is in the front on the right; Devon Monk third from the left):

Mark looks a bit tired, but we still had 4 hours of driving ahead of us:

Richelle, as always, looks as cool as her lovely blue drink:

And after a stop for some quick outlet shopping (I got blouses), we returned to Seattle safe and sound.

Now I just have to get my stuff together again and head off to San Diego Comic Con on Wednesday!