Traveling Light Sucks

One annoying thing about the current condition of airlines with their endless fees, mated to long trips is that you have to travel light unless you want to add $50-100 in baggage charges to your trip. This means no piles of fabulous costumes for Dragon*Con, which would be mega fun since they are having a Pirate Parade and I think it would be a gas to go as a steampunk pirate. Being something less than skinny, my suitcases have slightly less room in them than they used to and I doubt I can sneak a couple of foofy skirts, petticoats, corsets, and pirate coats in without bursting the seams. And where would I put my hat? Alas! I’ll just have to be me.



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  1. hagelrat says:

    Ok but you should totally let us see what you Would have worn. 🙂

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