Not Bad…

I’m not up to the daily goal of 3K a day, but I’m accelerating and Greywalker #5 is starting to feel like a real Harper novel, at last. It’s the hardest one so far, no bones about it: a lot to remember, balance, integrate, and tie off. And it should still be fun, stand on its own merit, and have a good mix of action, exposition, and humor along with the mystery and horror. I think I might have yelled at my editor recently and that makes me angry with myself–even in late-night email, being a jerk isn’t acceptable or fair. Did 2000 words 2 days in a row and 900 so far today. Alas, I seem to work best late at night, which is inconvenient, but may be the only thing I can do.

Meanwhile, however, I see that the mass market of Poltergeist will be out next Tuesday and I’m only 5 weeks away from the release of the Underground mass market and the new book, Vanished, in hardcover. I’m so excited about that book I have a hard time concentrating on what I need to do now.

Oh yes: my mum-in-law will be visiting soon and that also makes me very pleased–she’s nifty!

And tomorrow I think the schwag will arrive… Oooooo…. (yeah… limited edition schwag you can only get by coming to say “hi” to me in person–I’m so cruel.) But there is a chance to get some if you’re going to be in Salem Oregon on July 18th. Why? Because Team Seattle will be at the book fair at Escape Fiction in Salem from noon to 2 p.m. Tres cool, yes?


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3 Responses to Not Bad…

  1. Sandy says:

    mum-in-law says thanks for the compliment… you racked up points. keep working so we can play next week… that’s what I am doing.

  2. Ma’am, yes ma’am! (and you ARE nifty)

  3. Alex says:

    I’m looking forward to Vanished. Hope #5 goes well.

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