My Own Personal Grey

Binky Has a Drinky


My tiny teddy bear, Binky the Dinky, has discovered Adult Beverages. Mostly he is attracted by the shiny bottles and anything sweet. See the photos of Binky and his Drinky….

This bottle of Elderflower liqueur seems to fit that bill.

Binky wants to know what this stuff is….

Binky takes a sniff… “It smells like Flowers! Really, really strong flowers….”

Binky would like a drink, so..

He dives in:

On reflection, Binky thinks the Elderflowers need some vodka….

Well… OK, Binky… Binky supervises the pour….

Binky is a generous fellow and wants to share with his friend Rocket. “Here, Rocket, give this a try!”

Rocket is not sure about this….

“Ack!” Poor Rocket thinks he has been poisoned. “Oh, Rocket! Are you all right?”

“Oh… he’s asleep. I guess I’ll have to finish it myself….” *glug, glug*

Hrm…Looks like some people had too much to drink.

Moral: Teddies shouldn’t pick flowers–at least not the alcoholic kind.