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Medieval Friends


I just noticed that I have two friends who are both into things medieval. Well, OK they aren’t my only friends who are and I had known this before, but they are certainly the ones who stand out from my eclectic crowd of fiends–umm… I mean friends–since they are both writers and researchers in the same field… and yet they do no know each other. I can’t help wondering how they’d get along… I suspect they would debate quite vociferously, but beyond that, I don’t know. Would they love each other? Hate each other? Go after each other with Gutenberg bibles (and main gauche) at 5 paces?

What do you think? Cage fight time? (and do bear in mind both are my friends, no fun-poking intended here, just wondering…):
Jeri Westerson (Getting Medieval, The Crispin Guest Historical noir novels)
Anna Richenda (History Fish, The Saint and the Fasting Girl)

Two very different results from the same historical sources.