Today I finally snatched the car back from Mr. Kat and was able to get out of the boat, buy groceries, and run some errands, including picking up the mail.

Much to my pleasure, I had ARCs of Vanished waiting for me at the mailbox! Since one was already promised and I’m a pig about keeping one for myself, no spares this year.  But it always feels more like a real book once I have the ARC in hand.

And I realized that this book has no Author’s Note in it. Partially because I was exhausted and not in a very happy condition when the final draft was handed in, and partially because some of the notes were just too hard to write up due to my losing materials and generally scrambling around.  Anyhow, I figure I’ll start writing up an Author’s Note for this book and post it online eventually, since there were a lot of interesting things in the background of the story development.

Just for reference, though, some of the photos I posted from our England trip last May (you can find the pages in the archive list on this blog for May and June 2008) do show places from the book: the fantastically strange graveyard at St. Pancras Old Church; parts of Clerkenwell; the caryatatids; a canal boat; Trafalgar Square; red buses; and Angel station.  Also, the ones I posted of Hollywood last February (in the blog archive for February 2008) do have a bearing, since Harper goes to visit her mother in the course of Vanished and Mom lives just up the hill from the Hollywood and Highland complex near my hotel and has the same view we enjoyed from the windows of a pricey Japanese restaurant.  Harper even stays in the hotel where my sister and I had drinks later that night, the Roosevelt on Hollywood Blvd.

Now I have to get to writing the new book and writing up a note for Vanished….


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