to all of you for your kind words about Taz. It’s pretty rough, seeing the empty space where the cage was. My husband and I have had pets all our lives except for a period when I was in college and he was in the Air Force and we’ve had ferrets all our married life together (our first ferret was a wedding present to ourselves). It just feels so wrong to have no pet at all, but we’ll have to make do for a while as work and tour schedules were already making it hard on the critters. So no new pets for a while, though I may become a big teary idiot around other people’s pets….

Today, of course it has decided to rain like Noah’s flood since sometime last night–the sky is crying–and Mr. Kat has absconded with the car so he can get to work dry, so I’m kind of stuck in the boat with the emptiness. The nearest anything to our marina is an expensive bar half a mile walk or the hot dog stand a quarter mile away at the boat ramp. Neither hot dogs nor drinks sound like quite the right thing today. If it clears up enough to carry it up the dock without getting soaked, I’ll do some laundry, but that’s about all I have planned.

Someday I need to get back to work on the next book, which has not progressed since a couple of Sundays ago at Janna’s place. I did take some reference photos though….


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4 Responses to Thanks

  1. hagelrat says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Taz, it’s so hard losing a furrie.
    Nothing wrong with being a teary idiot.

  2. Elaine says:

    I took a break between dogs when my cocker spaniel got run over. Now I have the mutt who is (omg!) 10. Not thinking about the day he moves on to the next life.

    Raining like mad here, too. Cold. I took a hot bath and feel better about the coming summer.

    Cool photos! Inspiring. Where did you snap them?

  3. Those are the ramp entrance to Meridian Park/Playfield here in Seattle. I’m hoping to use the general shape as inspiration for a labyrinth in the next book.

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