Houston, We Have a Signing….

Well, a large part of scheduling is now over: the publisher’s end is wrapped up with the finalization of signing details for August 15th at Murder by the book in Houston TX. Now it’s up to JJ and I to wrangle California into shape, starting with Los Angeles. Once that’s set, I’ll look at the holes, the budget and see what else might be done.

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2 Responses to Houston, We Have a Signing….

  1. Alex says:

    Chance of coming to Austin?

  2. this year? 0

    Houston took considerable arm-twisting and requests from 3 stores to make it happen. It’s also the only stop the publisher is paying for, so they are flying me in the previous day and back out that night. If I were driving I might be able to add Austin, but I’m not this year. sorry

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