Vanished Excerpt is Live!

With many thanks to my hubby for making the system do what I wanted, not what I said, there is finally an excerpt and cover up for Vanished. Whoohoo!

A few other things were tweaked (like more covers added to the cover gallery, though I missed the Russian cover… again), but I’m still working on the news update (whoops) and the schedule update, so hopefully everyone will find the excerpt without my having it on the news page. (hrm…)


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2 Responses to Vanished Excerpt is Live!

  1. Jenna says:

    I shouldn’t have read it. It was hard enough to wait until August 4th. This just made the wait harder.

  2. AnnB says:

    Oh, that was so good! I can’t wait! Thanks for the treat! (One more exclamation mark for good measure!)

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