Children’s Book Contest

While I know a lot of authors, I also know a lot of folks who aspire to be published authors and run around madly one month out of the year after being a hermit who lives with their laptop the other eleven. So for the people who are still pitching, here’s a little news.

Cheerios cereal is sponsoring a Children’s Book contest. The Prize being $5,000 and a possible contract with Simon and Schuster Children’s Books division. Now, you do have to be a little wary, since S&S is the company that continues to try and slide in a contractual clause that keeps your book “in print” (and therefore in their control) so long as any copy exists in their system, including the electronic archive in their database. However, they are a legit company with major distribution so if you’re a children’s story writer, check it out:

Cheerio’s Spoonfuls of Stories contest info and forms.


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