Off Like a Prom Dress!

I’m done with the proof! Though, quite disheartening to note I found 30pp that need corrections out of 351. Ugh. Horrible. But most are punctuation, font, typography/line break, run-on, or spell-check/auto correct errors, not actual “Kat fucked up” errors. There are some of those, however, and I do hate to see them. I try not to let those sneak in. Also the Word compatibility issues seem to have complicated things which made a few stupid errors, plus the usual exhaustion errors.

It seems to be an all right book. I don’t totally love it and I wish I’d had one more revision, but… it doesn’t suck, and I invented a monster, and did horrible things to Clerkenwell and St. Pancras Old Church, and let the ending not quite resolve everything, and built no end of problems I’ll have to resolve in Book 5, but… what the hell.

Tomorrow it goes in the mail to the publisher and I go off to Norwescon! Fly little book! Fly away! (what am I saying… “little book”? this is the longest book to date at 108,650 words. Oh, whatever….)


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8 Responses to Off Like a Prom Dress!

  1. Hairy thing says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read it. Please stop pushing my brother down the stairs.

    “but… it doesn’t suck”

    I’m too tired to think of a witty comment, please just imagine that I did.

  2. *witty comment back*

    I didn’t push him…. he jumped. I swear.

  3. You’ve done horriblethings to St Pancras Church? Bad Kat! Clerkenwell probably deserved it, though, lounging around being written about by Peter Ackroyd…

  4. Well, only to the churchyard…. And Mr. Hardy’s tree.

  5. Ah. I was kind of imagining the caryotids sloping off down the Underground to Clerkenwell and using the alleged historic well without asking the council’s permission first – with apocalyptic consequences, of course.

  6. oh well… about those caryatids….

  7. Is Vanished going to give me nightmarse and stop me staying at the hotel across the road from the church? 😉

  8. Oh no, though the scene with the caryatids might make you laugh….

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