It’s Time for: Fun With Head Wounds!

As I was struggling with the proof of Vanished that is due back on April 16th but with which I must be done by Wednesday night so I can drop it in the mail before Norwescon eats my brain and time, Mr. Kat fell while stepping off the boat and cut open his scalp.

So, plans for a nice walk were shelved in favor of a quick trip to the ER–since you just never know with head wounds. Luckily, it’s literally a flesh wound that didn’t even need stitches, but it still ate 2 hours of our time and only shows that as soon as you don’t have medical insurance, that’s when something stupid happens.

And Mr. Kat now has a cute little beanie of hospital gauze. He looks so cute… (not so much.)


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5 Responses to It’s Time for: Fun With Head Wounds!

  1. Jenna says:

    Good grief. I’m glad it’s only a flesh wound. Not to mention I’m surprised the ER visit was only 2 hours. I’m sure a nice glass of wine will speed the healing process along.

  2. Maybe for me; he only drinks beer.

  3. Pogonip says:

    Oh, but scalp wounds are soooo messy! Lots of mopping up to do. They usually look much worse than they are.

  4. -V- says:

    {HUGS} to Mr Kat.
    bleah on the copious leakage that likely ensued and the two lost hours and the postponed walkies….

  5. the cleaning up was kind of nasty… the neighbors were a bit put out by blood all over the dock and getting it off the deck was fun… I’m still washing up the shirt. it may not make it back to Jim’s clothing drawer, but the ferret won’t care if it’s a bit stained when/if he inherits it.

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